First Generation of GPX Gentleman Owner

aeroplane gpx gentleman chameleon

Today we are going to feature our very own 1st generation GPX Gentleman owner, Syahrizan Junaini aka Mr Chameleon. Well known for his frequent changing of Colors and various modifications on his motorbike, Syahrizan is also synonymous among the clubs for his passion by posting many knowledgeable videos on the maintenance, upgrades and DIY projects […]

Port Dickson GPX Brotherhood Ride

gpx brotherhood port dickson ride 04

The first event after a long RMO break due to COVID19. Our most active GPX club which is the GPX Brotherhood Malaysia successfully organized a nice and easy ride to Port Dickson (PD) More than 18 bikers ride their own GPX motorbike for this ocassion. Check out their photos below. Enjoy the ride.

Modified Gentleman by Rentaka Custom Garage

rentaka custom garage logo

Every Gentleman 200 goes through some kinds of modifications. Be it a change in body paint, accessories upgrade or custom job. It’s about expressing your personality and uniqueness. It’s an art. Let your imaginations run wild with the guys at Rentaka Custom Garage. It is located at 8522-G, Subang Permai U6, 40150, Shah Alam, Selangor. […]

Who Is This GPX Chameleon Guy?


Some call him the Chameleon… (with an uncanny resemblance to the legendary Stig) Beliau merupakan rider yang tak asing lagi dalam dunia permotoran GPX brotherhood.. Dikenali dengan gelaran “RiderTujohPuloh9” Beliau akan ‘tukar kulit’ motor GPX Gentlemannya ikut citarasa pada bila-bila masa.. Sangat hebat kan? Jom kita cuci mata tengok hasil beliau selama ini..

Distinguished Gentleman Ride 2019

gpx malaysia distinguished gentleman ride 2019

The Distinguished Gentleman Ride (DGR) is an annual event where cafe racers and classic bikes gather and ride for a cause. Check out the photos below to get the feel of it.