Any product which did not perform periodical maintenance accordingly.

1Any damage which results from neglect of periodic maintenance specified by BIKE CONTINENT SDN BHD (BC) in OWNER’S MANUAL.
2Any damage which results from repair, adjustments or maintenance operations by any method specified by BC in OWNER’S MANUAL and SHOP/ SERVICE MANUAL.
3Any damage which results from repair, adjustment or maintenance operations performed NOT by an authorized BC’s dealer.
4Any damage which results from operation of the product at any place where no vehicle is driven ordinarily.
5Any damage which results from misuse or use beyond the limitation or the intended purpose specified by BC, or any damage due to use under abnormal conditions.
6Any damage which results from use of parts or accessories not approved by BC or non-genuine parts or different quality level of fuel, lubricant or fluid not recommended by BC.
7Any damage which result from operation, whether intentional or accidental, other than as specified in the OWNER’S MANUAL.
8Any damage due to improper storage or transport.
9Any damage which results from force injure, such as fire, collision and theft.
10Any damage which results from soot and smoke, use of chemical, bird droppings, or injury by seawater, sea breeze or salt.
11Any damage due to aging such as color shading or fading of painted surface, deterioration of plated surface, deterioration of rubber and plastics or rusting.
12Any product which have participated in racing event, rally or competition or which have been used as rental vehicle, postal service and express delivery.
13Any product which have been re-modeled or modified.
14Normal phenomena such as noise, vibration or oil seepage which are considered to be reasonable, and not to affect the quality, function of the products.
15Failure to abide to our Terms & Conditions as stated, submission will not be eligible for this warranty.

GPX Malaysia DOES NOT warrant on spare parts & we reserves the right of the judgment and final decision on all warranty claims.